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Chaturbate chat room for members - chat about free adult webcams


The chaturbate Free Live public adult Sex web cam chat-room room for members or guests to chat with other members or guests while watching the live featured cam show at the same time.

One thing that set myfreecams apart from the other live sex cam sites like chaturbate is the lounge. Well not anymore. Now chaturbate has a lounge too. You can find it right here. Chat with other members about the models. Or about whatever you want. You can chat at the same time you are watching the free adult featured sex show on chaturbate.

How can we chat with other members in chaturbate's lounge

Chaturbate members have been asking for a lounge for quite some time. Now its up to us to build a lounge chat room from the ground up. If you love the free adult webcams. But don't want to chat with the models. You want to chat with other members, but without becoming a premium member on myfreecams. This is the only way to do it.

The reason chaturbate always has a free public sex show live.

The great thing about it is. You can watch the live featured chaturbate cam show right here. And there is probably a hardcore public sex show going on right now. You know how i know that? the same reason there are always live free sex shows in public chat rooms on chaturbate. Because of the contest. The contest pays 10 dollars to the top cam of the hour. EVERY hour. ALL THE TIME!  So why does that mean free adult cam shows? Because in order to be the top cam and earn the 10 dollars each hour. You almost have to be making public sex shows. 

The free adult webcam shows in public chat will only get better and better!

Since more and more people are signing up and joining chaturbate, Because they realize it has the only truly free cams. The competition for the 10 dollar per hour top cam is going through the roof. That means the shows are getting better and better. girls or couples that once had the top cam slot easily. Now have to make an even nastier, kinkier, sexier public show. It's free because they are paid by chaturbate. 10 dollars per hour and for some couples. 10 dollars per hour just for having sex on cam in front of a live audience is enough money alone. That's not to mention all the tips they get because people will tip them anyways

Myfreecams lounge compared to the chaturbate lounge

Well one thing about the MFC lounge is that only premium members can join it. That means you have to pay to become a myfreecams member. And then you can join the lounge. It is also totally moderated by MFC and the cam girls can join it on a premium account any time they want. The chaturbate lounge is A totally free completely uncensored no membership or sign in required chat room. Members can talk about whatever they want and not worry about the models watching what they are saying, banning and silencing can login as guest, or choose a nickname and click connect. That's all there is to it than you are ready to chat with members right there next to the featured public sex show. Move over MFC, Chaturbate has a lounge now. So what are you waiting for. Check out the chaturbate lounge Free adult webcam chat room now

Chaturbate Free lounge chat room with free live cams!


Free chaturbate lounge now offers a Totally free member chat room to chat in while you view the free adult webcams from chaturbate while chatting with other members!

the chaturbate lounge network - Providing a place where members can come to chat about the live sex cam show in the featured embedded cam slot next to the chat room! There are many new features being added to the free chaturbate chatroom but we are breaking new ground. Doing things others never had the balls to try. IRC + tubes or cams embedded along side it. With webcams in the lounge! what? webcams on IRC? it's not possible they say. Well we hope to prove them wrong very soon. Because the project to bring this dream to reality is already under way. Check back soon!

This chat room is totally un censored and will remain this way. It is also 100% free to anybody. Including guests, members, models, performers, broadcasters, webmasters, admins and anybody else that wants to join. Chat about anything you want but especially chat about the live cam show. 

For years only myfreecams had a lounge chat room. Now chaturbate has a lounge. It is accessible from many different blogs including this one. The free chaturbatez lounge, The chaturbate lounge, cambater and more. 

What are you waiting for. Go to the top of this post. Look next to the free adult webcam show from chaturbate. it should be on the left side of that. enter a chat name and click connect. that's it you are now in the chaturbate lounge and you can say whatever you want. 

Big props to pat webber and the crew from the chaturbatez lounge for coming up with the idea. Members including myself have been requesting a lounge room for chaturbate for ages. It was the only thing holding chaturbate back from totally surpassing MFC in every way shape and form. And the one problem that the myfreecams lounge, and lounge1000 always had, is that it was premium members only! not here, no way!
This is anything goes totally anonymous chat. Also earn ranks for chatting, titles, rewards, and even Yes, FREE TOKENS. That's right in our first chaturbate lounge contest we will be giving away free tokens. The contest terms are yet to be decided as we just launched the release of the new chat room for chaturbate

With the support of the chaturbate lounge network, Chaturbate will soon become if it is not already, the top live adult webcam server in the world. You can get your free cams. Without tokens or credit card. Without any signing up and without even an email address. And now you can chat with other members as well as chat with the models themselves. 

Enjoy the chat room. And, Enjoy the free adult webcams

Chaturbate Free Chat - cam2cam while you watch live sex cam shows


Chaturbate lounge - Chat while you watch live sex cam shows

Introducing the first ever Lounge chat room for Free Chaturbate.

the lounge chat cam2cam
Shoulda said it in the lounge.
So your on chaturbate watching free adult webcams. But What do you do when you see a pussy that looks like a hamburger and you want to laugh about it with the other members, but you don't want the model to see it and ban you or silence you? Now you can safely alert members in the chaturbate lounge.

All you have to do is click connect on the left hand side of  the featured cam and your in. Normal chat is still on the right. No account is required to chat with other members here. A free  basic account is required from chaturbate to chat with the performer on the right. However It is totally free and not even an email address or any verification process is needed.

Why i created the chaturbate chat room for members like you.

I have been talking about a chaturbate lounge chat room since the beginning. Members were asking me about a Lounge style chat room for chaturbate where members can chat with other members and not the models. So i made a post in one of my blogs about features members would like to see and took a poll. Well the response was staggering and almost unanimous. 

Nearly 80% of live adult webcam members want to see a lounge style members chat room. Members want to be able to watch the free cams as a guest, or member. But chat with only members in another chat room. Similar to the Myfreecams lounge. Up until now MFC has been the only adult webcam site with a lounge video chat room. It has always been one of the biggest draws to MFC because it is the only cam site with a lounge. It usually has as many normal chatters in it as the top webcam at the time. So if the top live cam show on MFC has about 1000 people in it. Than the lounge chat-room probably has about that many as well. But there is one down side to the Myfreecams lounge. It is only for premium members. basic members and guests can't enter. 

Now Guests, Basic members, or premium members can chat in a lounge style chaturbate chat room. Right here we are calling it "The chaturbate lounge". Now members can chat with other members about the action that they are watching on the live cam. On one side is the embedded "IRC Chat-Room" and on the other side is the featured live sex cam show from chaturbate. Which almost always has a supreme public show going on where you can see anything from anal sex and blowjobs to squirting, masturbation and toy shows. Their are no restrictions on chaturbate's cams such as :no men or no couples like MFC has. Chaturbate allows anyone to broadcast even you can broadcast yourself. There is no cost and there is not even a verification process unless you want to be paid for broadcasting. Then you would just need to fill out the broadcaster verification form and you can receive tokens as tips, as well as make private sex shows.

The chaturbate lounge was created to be a completely uncensored chat room. Anyone can join. And anything goes. Chat about the live cam show that is going on. Chat about your life. Tell us about your big cock if you want (We know it's actually tiny). This is no holds barred adult chat.